No sooner did digitization swept the netizens of the world with its charm and technological advancement, the world got to see the digital version of money. ‘Bitcoin’ as they call it, is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the year 2009 and since then there’s no turning back. You and us have been continually surprised by the leaps and bounds advancements in digital currencies. Introduction of Bitcoin was just the snapshot of what digital hemisphere was about to come up in the coming days. As on 8 October 2019, over 2,957 cryptocurrencies were being traded on the net and total market capitalisation of them all is around $221 billion, which is why most of the casino crypto are accepting cryptocurrencies with an open arm.

Bitcoin, being the biggest and most credible cryptocurrency grabs the largest market share of around $191 billion, but it has its flaws just like any other thing on this planet. An alternative cryptocurrency Dash was introduced in the year 2013, cornering the flaws of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency overcame significant issues faced by the former giant. Both cryptocurrencies vary in their basic structure, they also function and maintain themselves contrarily.

Transaction Period

While Bitcoin may take significantly a longer period to complete one transaction, Dash completes the same in a matter of seconds. Dash has worked mindfully on this flaw of Bitcoin to be faster than the later. The best crypto casino is accepting Dash for all sort of transaction.

Transaction Fee

Transaction fee of Bitcoin is way higher than that of Dash. The average transaction fee of Dash is somewhere in between $0.2 and $0.3 and for Bitcoin, it is in the range of $2 and $5.


Since Bitcoin is an open-source cryptocurrency, there’s no highest authority in Bitcoin structure, as the power is equally divided among all the shareholders. Perhaps no one has the ultimate authority to control or manipulate the blockchain network, not even the government of any country. Whereas, Dash is controlled and maintained by a self-funded organization ‘DAO’. The organization has the complete authority to make changes to the self-controlled blockchain protocol.

Privacy Feature

Being an open-source cryptocurrency, every transaction made using Bitcoin is shared to all the community members, though amount and identity remain anonymous and they remain hidden under codes. However, it’s a notion that codes can be worked upon to reveal the details. Whereas, all the transactions made in Dash are protected under comprehensive privacy policy and the transaction history is known to just a handful of people. Most of the online crypto casino has tweaked its banking system to accommodate Dash cryptocurrency as well die to its growing popularity.

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